View/Edit Membership Details

MyHerd allows users to easily update their membership details.

How to access your membership details

       - Hover over the Member Details tab and select Member Details from the drop down menu.


How to edit your membership details

       - Once on the Member Details page click the "Edit" button to edit any of your membership contact information.


       - The Edit Member Details screen will open up.

       - Click in the boxes, deleted the already entered information, and type in the new/updated information.

       - Be sure to click the "Update" button once you are done entering the updated information.

What information cannot be changed?

       - Member ID (membership number)

       - Member name

       - Status

All membership in the Association, of any kind, including lifetime memberships are non-transferable.

If you need to change your member name please call the AHA office at (816) 842-3757 or email your request to